How do you feel 

The Come stai? (How do you feel?) Project: Talk about your health.

Computer-Assisted Medical History-Taking System 

Project Presentation

COME STAI -How do you feel- is a project on human health. COME STAI helps and facilitate the doctor / patient relationship, breaking down the barriers of culture, language, time and space by providing the doctor and caregiver with a careful, articulated and complete medical history (chronologically structured), obtained through a multilingual web application.
The medical history (anamnesis) is the story of past and present events and circumstances that are or may be relevant to the patient's current status with the description of the symptoms,  also valuing those that seem insignificant but which are or may be relevant from a diagnostic point of view. The "symptoms" refer to something we experience subjectively when we do’ nt feel well: fatigue, pain, weight loss, fever, etc. The medical history- a time expending procedure-  is essential to formulate correct diagnostic hypotheses and develop a treatment plan.
The “Come stai” application asks the right questions to the patient in his own language, progressively orienting the following questions on the answers obtained.
We want ask medical questions in native  languages spoken in developing countries. The “Come stai” application automatically will translate answers in english, the universal language of western advanced medicine.
We are creating  a tool that can help to determine the health of patients on a large scale through
a multilanguage flexible automatic questionnaire, focusing in those areas where there are no clinics / hospitals with specialized skills, both for geographical reasons and for economic reasons / social
The final product is not a diagnosis, but the history of the patient's symptoms on a .doc or .pdf file that can also be transmitted  by email.  The patient can take also an hard copy to the clinic, send by e-mail to a doctor, take it to the emergency room, ask for advice via web, etc
We are thinking about a Hub & Spoke model. This makes possible to reach disadvantaged and geographically isolated locations having  a simple laboratory with an Internet connection that will send questionnaires to skilled phisicians.
COME STAI does not suggest a diagnosis  but helps the patient and/or  operators to obtain a correct medical narrative. It is therefore a function elaborated by the patient (alone or with  a minimally skilled operator) that serves the phisician  to quickly orient himself according to the described symptomatological kit. Medical questions, simptomps checklist  are simply  formulated, so a specialist is not required  and with appropriate short training it is possible to prepare operators.


B. Feasibility / Budget
A. The project involves the construction of the questionnaire in IT and the possibility of creating selected databases by geographical, social, etc.
to. Time scheduled for the first draft 6 months
b. Project test on a group of subjects (1 month)
c. International launch of the project by May 2020
B. Expected cost € 50,000.00
to. Preparation of the questionnaire
b. Translation into the main languages (Italian / French / English / Spanish / Arabic / Swahili)
c. Database implementation
d. Operator training

Collaboration and sponsors

A. The project has the patronage of Unicamillus, International University of Health and Medical Sciences, whose international vocation is aimed at Italian, European and non-EU students who look to the medical profession and to Medicine with a global meaning. UniCamillus, in fact, intends to prepare excellent healthcare professionals who have, among their skills, also knowledge of health conditions and health problems present outside the western scenario.
B. Sponsors: The project can be co-financed by several Sponsors who share the social purpose. All sponsors are assured full visibility on the external communication of the non-profit organization.